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Owner : Bill Foley
Jonathan Marchessault

Colin Miller
Manager : George McPhee
Head Coach : Gerard Gallant
Division : Pacific (West)
Arena : T-Mobile Arena (17368)
AHL Affiliate : Chicago Wolves
ECHL Affiliate : Fort Wayne Komets

Updated : 2018-03-24

0Cody GlassCanadaC196-021787.5CTalented, two-way center with upside.
30Malcolm SubbanCanadaG246-022007.5CTalented, athletic netminder with upside.
35Oscar DanskSwedenG246-031957.5CTalented, inconsistent goaltender with upside.
0Erik BrannstromSwedenD185-101737.0CTalented, offensive-minded defenseman with good upside.
0Nick SuzukiCanadaC185-111837.0CQuality, two-way forward with upside.
0Nicolas HagueCanadaD196-062157.0CTowering, big-minute shutdown defenseman with upside.
0Jake LeschyshynUnited StatesC195-111856.5CQuality, hard-working forward with upside.
0Maksim ZhukovRussiaG196-031877.0D 
0Lukas ElvenesSwedenC186-011736.5DUltra-skilled, inconsistent playmaker with upside.
0Jonathan DuganUnited StatesLW206-021856.5D 
1Dylan FergusonCanadaG196-011896.5DSolid, athletic but raw goaltender with upside.
0Dylan CoghlanCanadaD206-021896.5D 
0Zachary FucaleCanadaG236-021876.5DSolid goaltender with some upside.
0Jonas RondbjergRW196-021876.0C 
0Nick CampoliCanadaC195-111906.0C 
0Jiri PateraG196-022096.0C 
37Reid DukeCanadaC226-001916.0CSolid, aggressive forward with some upside, when healthy.
0Zachary LeslieCanadaD246-001756.0CSolid defenseman with a little upside.
45Jake BischoffUnited StatesD246-011946.0CSolid defenseman with a little upside.
0Ben JonesCanadaC196-001876.0C 
2Zach WhitecloudCanadaD216-022096.0DBig, solid defenseman with some upside.
0Gage QuinneyUnited StatesLW236-002016.0D 
55Keegan KolesarCanadaRW216-022275.5CBig, rugged winger with a little upside.
0Ivan MorozovRussiaC186-011786.5D 
0Stanislav DeminUnited StatesD186-021900.0XSolid, puck-moving defenseman with some upside.
0Paul CotterUnited StatesC186-001910.0X 
0Brandon KruseUnited StatesLW195-101420.0X 
0Connor CorcoranCanadaD176-021850.0X 
0Peter DiliberatoreCanadaD185-111600.0X 
0Xavier BouchardCanadaD186-041900.0XSolid puck-moving defenseman with some upside.
0Jordan KooyCanadaG186-021840.0X 
0Jimmy OlignyCanadaD255-112090.0X 

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