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Atlanta Thrashers Guardian

NHL Guardian

The Thrasher is the fastest of the Guardians and his skill of flight in terms of maneuvering far surpass any of the other "Birds" in the Guardian Air Force. For propulsion, the Thrasher uses twin turbine jet engines attached to his boots. Two more jets are located on his forearms that slide forward over his hands when deployed. He uses these hand cannons for maneuvering, and at times as a weapon.

The Thrasher is capable of flying at 5 times the speed of sound. To achieve this feat the Thrasher has a titanium canopy that, when deployed surrounds his entire body encasing him in a futuristic looking Jet Plane. His entire flight suit and canopy are infused with stealth technology making him an ideal choice for reconnaissance or first strike missions. Atlanta is a major manufacturer of cruise missiles and as a result the Thrasher has a variety of mini-cruise missiles at his disposal. He's a lean mean fighting machine.