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St-Louis Blues Guardian

NHL Guardian

The Blue is quiet, reserved and mysterious. He's the guy that sits in the back corner of any room, blending in with his surroundings. Though he is the coolest of the Guardians, he could care less what others think. Like many of the Guardians, The Blue is deeply influenced by music and his preferred style is obvious although his connection to it goes much deeper. In look, the Blue's only visible features on his face are two glowing yellow eyes.

The Blue can't fly, but he can jump from buildings and airplanes by expanding the coat he wears and he glides toward the ground. At his side is his trusty sax, and the music he plays has telepathic qualities, which allow him to control the minds of his weak-minded foes. At a moment's notice, the Blue can create a portal shaped like a smaller version of the St-Louis Arch. He jumps through the arch and can teleport himself to and from any location on earth.