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Owner : Henry Samueli
Ryan Getzlaf

Josh Manson
Manager : Bob Murray
Head Coach : Randy Carlyle
Division : Pacific (West)
Arena : Honda Center (17174)
AHL Affiliate : San Diego Gulls
ECHL Affiliate : Utah Grizzlies

Updated : 2018-03-23

34Sam SteelCanadaC205-111787.5CCreative playmaker with upside.
53Maxime ComtoisCanadaLW196-022007.0CBig, complementary winger with upside.
63Kevin RoyCanadaLW/RW245-091747.0DDiminutive, playmaking winger with a little upside.
54Antoine MorandCanadaC195-101786.5CTalented offensive playmaker with good upside.
46Max JonesUnited StatesLW206-032036.5CTalented power forward with upside.
14Jacob LarssonSwedenD206-021916.5CQuality, offensive puck-moving defenseman with upside.
58Nicolas KerdilesUnited StatesLW246-021916.5CBig, versatile forward with some upside.
76Josh MahuraCanadaD196-001786.5C 
61Troy TerryUnited StatesC205-111606.5C 
65Marcus PetterssonSwedenD216-041676.5CTalented, all-around defenseman with upside.
73Andy WelinskiUnited StatesD246-011966.5CSolid, puck-moving defenseman with some upside.
83Kalle KossilaFinlandC/LW255-111756.5CVersatile forward with a little upside.
0Nick SorensenRW236-011826.5DDecent scoring winger with a little upside.
52Julius NattinenFinlandC216-021916.5DBig, versatile two-way forward with some upside.
78Olle Eriksson EkSwedenG186-031836.5D 
85Tyler SoyCanadaC215-111676.5D 
90Giovanni FioreCanadaLW/RW216-011946.5DSpeedy winger with upside.
0Brent GatesUnited StatesC206-021966.0C 
65Deven SideroffCanadaRW215-111716.0C 
66Keaton ThompsonUnited StatesD226-001826.0C 
0Jack BadiniUnited StatesC206-002036.0C 
62Jack KopackaUnited StatesLW206-021856.0CSpeedy winger with some upside.
57Alex DostieCanadaC215-101656.0C 
70Kyle OlsonCanadaRW195-111616.0C 
0Matthew BerkovitzUnited StatesD226-011806.0C 
0Steven RuggieroUnited StatesD216-032006.0C 
0Garrett MetcalfUnited StatesG226-031816.0C 
0Kiefer SherwoodUnited StatesLW231806.0C 
87Mitch HultsUnited StatesC236-022106.0C 
79Angus RedmondCanadaG226-011745.5C 

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